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I moved back to the Seacoast of New Hampshire after 6 years away in graduate school and a post doc in I was living alone, new to the hikers disease giardia, and really wanted a buddy to go do fun stuff with so I started looking for a dog in the spring of I have a type.

I like medium-sized brown dogs with floppy ears.

gyógyszer férgek számára a férgek megelőzésére

When I saw this sad-looking pup staring back at me on Petfinder, I was immediately in love. Tulah was somewhere between 1 and 1. I was approved to adopt her in a couple weeks later and picked her up at her foster home in Watertown, MA on March 29, On our first walk she attacked another dog when they went to sniff each other.

hikers disease giardia

Three days later I brought her to the vet hikers disease giardia out that she had heart worm disease and that she was going to have to undergo an expensive and fairly difficult treatment followed by a month of crate rest and another month of low activity.

I was devastated for her and overwhelmed because it meant keeping a very high-energy dog still and crated while we got to know each other.

hikers disease giardia

Two days after the vet visit, she escaped on me and ran through downtown Dover at dusk for almost 2hrs, just keeping me out of reach, darting in and out of cars along a busy main road.

She was awful on leash. We started walking. A LOT. Then we moved to running.

OTP (Original Training Partner)

At first she could only go miles at a time because she was so distracted and her nose was always down on the ground. Then she started to figure out the whole running thing. She loved it. I started to train regularly again since I had a training partner.

Rizs Giardia-ból

A couple weeks after I adopted Tulah, the chaos of the Boston Marathon bombing unfolded. At that point, Boston was still home to me. I had lived there from  and fell in love with every part of the city. It affected me so deeply to see such horror on the streets I knew so hikers disease giardia and at an event that I had grown up watching every single year.

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In the months that followed, I found a féreggyógyszer mennyit enter the  Boston Marathon and my little training buddy, Tulah, did every run with me. I never ran more than 15 miles when training newbie mistake!

giardiasis fertőzés tobozmirigy méregtelenítés kiegészítők

In the midst of training I adopted Zorro and that presented quite a few challenges a story for another time. We were a team.


After Boston inI was hooked on running again. Zorro had recovered quite a bit from his early trauma at that point and he would join us on a few training runs. It was such a rewarding experience to give back to the rescue that had brought my two best buddies and a renewed love of running into my life.

Tulah is still a bit of a challenge. Just recently, I realized Tulah is pretty much the dog version of me. But boy, can she run!